Our Company is a combination of modern technologies, experience and efficiency in the area of design, production and sales of surfactants.

Corporate governance

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The Company’s portfolio comprises chemical products of both mass and specialist nature. Within these two groups we offer anion, cation, non-ion, amphoteric surfactants and chemical formulations for numerous industrial applications. As a producer oriented towards individual needs of customers looking for high-quality specialized chemical products, we constantly extend our offer by new products.

Corporate governance

PCC EXOL S.A. effectively creates a positive image among its stakeholders involved in the Company’s activity. We do our best to base relations with investors on partnership, effective communication and transparency.

Reliable adherence to the principles of Corporate Governance is an inseparable element of the business culture of our organization. Transparency of strategies and activities related to its implementation as well as trust in relations with stakeholders is a particular contribution to building the company’s value for our investors. At every level of management, ethical priorities are strongly associated with areas such as compiliance/compliance, risk management, environmental protection and respect for human rights. All these values are taken into account in the decision-making processes undertaken by the company’s highest authorities.

Małgorzata Plichta

Board Office Manager

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The registered office of PCC EXOL is located in Brzeg Dolny – a several-thousand city situated near Wrocław – the capital city of Lower Silesia. The Company has also its branch in Płock where one of production departments is located. PCC EXOL S.A. has been listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 3 August 2012. PCC SE is the majority shareholder of the Company.

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Corporate governance

Being a stock-listed company, we are obliged to apply rules included in the document entitles “Good Practices of Companies listed on Stock Exchange.” The purpose of such practices is to reinforce transparency of stock-listed companies, better communication with investors, protection of shareholders’ rights also in cases not regulated by the law, preventing encumbrances for the stock-listed companies not balanced by benefits resulting from market needs.

Good Practices of Companies listed on Stock Exchange concern only areas in which the application of the said practices can have a positive influence on the market evaluation of the enterprise, reducing thereby the cost of capital acquisition.

Detailed information on corporate governance are available on the website of PCC EXOL S.A.

Ownership character and legal form

The majority investor of PCC EXOL S.A. is PCC SE with its registered office in Duisburg (Germany) acting in the international markets in the sector of chemistry, energy and logistics. PCC SE holds the majority of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders and can have a significant influence on decisions in the scope of the most important issues concerning the operation of the Company, e.g. change of the Statute, increase of decrease in the share capital, issue of convertible bonds, payment of dividend and other actions that require the majority of votes in accordance with the Commercial Companies Code. PCC SE also holds a sufficient number of votes to appoint members of the Supervisory Board that is responsible for the composition of the Company’s Management Board.

Shareholder structure as at December 31, 2018

Total assets as on 31.12.2018
Group PCC Exol [in pln]:

2018 – 539 443

2017 – 547 460


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