Gaining new markets and discovering
the unknown business areas,
we promote sustainable chemistry
oriented towards rational use
of resources and care for the environment.


Our business

We are still trying to increase the value of our Company effectively using potential, innovations and resources. We hold a strong position of a top producer of surfactants in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. We gain new markets and discover unknown business areas. We promote sustainable chemistry oriented towards rational use of resources and care for the environment.


The idea of keeping balance between the economic dimension of conducting business and non-financial area is one of the key aspects of each area of management in our organization. It also concerns strategic and operational processes connected with production of surfactants.

At PCC EXOL we are working hard to create a competitive position on the market. The assumption for implementation based on design and operation, sustainable products, produced in accordance with quality standards, process safety and security of our employees. The key is first of all continuous improvement and optimization of production processes, risk management and constant improvement of health and safety standards on production and in-production installations.

Jakub Tuta

Production Manager

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We conduct our production activity in two locations: in Brzeg Dolny and in Płock.
Production processes take place in six installations:


Installation of sulfated

Installation of Sulfated I came into being in 1989. Its production capacities amount to 10 thousand tons per year. The installation produces anion surfactants. In 2015 the facility underwent complex modernization.

In 2008, a new Sulphate II installation was put into operation. Its production capacity is 30,000 t / r and are used in the production of anionic surfactants used mainly in industries such as cosmetics and personal hygiene, detergents, and industrial cleaning and cleaning.

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Installation of ethoxylation

Installation of ethoxylation I came into being in the ‘60s of the 20th century on the basis of the project and technology of Nadodrzańskie Zakłady Przemysłu Organicznego “Rokita.” It is the oldest installation operating as part of PCC EXOL S.A. The production infrastructure consists of reactors, which enables to produce extensive assortment of products. The factory includes installations of ethoxylation, alkanolamides and betaines with the total production capacity of 40 thousand tons per year (depending on the assortment).

In April 2011, the Ethoxylation II plant in Płock was commissioned, dedicated to the production of top-quality specialized ethoxylates. Its flexibility allows you to obtain a wide portfolio of surfactants depending on the needs of recipients. The production capacity of the installations is around 30,000. t / a, with the possibility of expanding to 60,000 strap.

Both ethoxylation installations enable the production of specialized nonionic surfactants used in many industrial applications. Every year, the product offer of PCC EXOL SA is joined by further product items designed and implemented based on the individual needs of recipients from around the world.

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Industrial formulations

Installation of Industrial Formulations came into being in the second half of the ‘70s of the 20th century. Its production capacities amount approximately to 7 thousand tons per year and depend on the assortment. The factory produces specialist chemical formulations for various industries, as well as cation surfactants.

Chemical products from this installation supplement the offer by PCC EXOL S.A. by new specialist products designed and introduced in the market in cooperation with Research and Development Department, Product Marketing Department and Sales Department with recipient operating in various industries.

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Research and development department

Following market trends, every year our Research and Development Department works on new products and chemical formulations with the assistance of a team of specialists and technologists as well as with the use of our laboratory and the infrastructure of PCC Group. It implements new technologically advanced products. Our specialists operate on the basis of current trends and individual needs of the clients. It is possible thanks to intensive cooperation and an open technical dialogue as well as a constant development of research and development infrastructure.

Research and Development Department has spatial and modern laboratories with the area of at least 400m2 that comprise application, analytical and technological workroom. Apart from the standard infrastructure, laboratories are equipped with professional research equipment that enables to apply solutions adjusted to very specific requirements of our clients representing various industries.

Research and Development Department is also an invaluable support for Sales and Marketing Departments by way of providing consultancy in the area of application of products at our clients and the use of various technological solutions in response to their needs.


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