Our involvement
and passion about creation
cause that surfactants are omnipresent.
They set modern lifestyle trends
and improve the quality of life.

Actions for sustainable development

Vision and strategy

We create the world of surfactants, we create innovations and we act responsibly. Thanks to our involvement and passion for creation we cause that surfactants are omnipresent. They set modern lifestyle trends and create the future. This is the part of the world of chemistry that surrounds us all the time.

Actions for sustainable development

One of the major aspects of classification of suppliers by the enterprises, especially global companies, is the assessment of the level of involvement of contractors in the accomplishment of goals in the scope of sustainable development and social business responsibility.

EcoVadis is an agency / rating company that evaluates suppliers’ activities and practices regarding their corporate social responsibility. Customers are graded on a scale of 0 to 100 points, awarded under four areas: natural environment, social activities, ethics and supply chain. This assessment is based on the use of a comprehensive methodology that is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000 and the Global Compact assumptions. Suppliers are evaluated in terms of corporate social responsibility, including the business sector, size and location. They receive an Individual Scorecard containing detailed information on CSR. Ecovadis is a repeatable cycle consisting of: adaptation of customer data, evaluation, results and plan of remedial actions, which enables both management of its company and its units, but also a global network of suppliers.

PCC EXOL SA uses the Ecovadis solution at the Premium level, which enables the company to share the Scorecard) with an external evaluation card as well as assessing its non-financial competences. Evaluation takes place in the following areas: environment, social aspects, ethics and supply chain. The key success factors of PCC EXOL with Ecovadis are: communication, processes and organization, which take place on one cohesive internet platform made available by Ecovadis. PCC EXOL also benefits from Ecovadis best practices within the chemical sector through the TfS initiative. (Together for Sustainability). The next step enabling PCC EXOL to significantly improve the results obtained is the implementation of the Enterprise solution, which allows management of the entire supply chain. It is an advanced solution that will clearly distinguish the company from their competitors in a significant way both in Poland and in the world.

Katarzyna Karpińska

CS&EE Inside Sales Director

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Our Sustainable Development Policy and Social Business Responsibility takes into account a long-term business strategy not only in terms of economic but also environmental, social and ethical aspects.
Our objectives include drive for balance between economical business profitability and widely understood social interest and responsible management of the organization. One of the major issues as regards responsible management refers to communication with our stakeholders. We are of th4e opinion that effective dialogue enables effective identification of further directions of activity of the Company by way of sustainable development.

Sustainable development policy and social business responsibility is realised by our company on 4 levels:

Guidelines for development policy and corporate social responsibility

– Observing the rules of corporate governance and the applicable law
– Respect for customs and culture of the stakeholders
– Respect for legal regulations applicable in geographical regions of our activity
– Accomplishment of business goals in an honest and transparent manner
– Operating in accordance with the rules of free competition
– Promotion of ethical standards of cooperation and counteracting corruption
– Respecting the rules of the Diversity Card
– Ensuring high quality and safety of products
– Management of risk by using proper regulations, tools and methods

– Ensuring safe working conditions for employees and subcontractors
– Identification of occupational risk at workplaces
– Health and safety education
– Respecting employees’ rights under the Labor Code, the Company Statute and other legal regulations and statute/ bye- laws
– Compliance with the rules of the PCC EXOL Code of Conduct
– Respecting the principles of the adopted Diversity Charter, including human rights
– Conducting open communication with employees and stakeholders
– Ensuring equal opportunities for professional development
– Promoting the balance between work and private life
– Fair treatment of employees at all organizational levels

– Promoting of membership in national and international organizations and programs in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
– Participation in social initiatives and campaigns
– Supporting actions/events, campaigns and social programs
– Promoting employee volunteering
– Conducting a dialogue with the local community
– Participation in program councils, commissions and teams working for corporate social responsibility

– Compliance with applicable legal regulations, directives and standards in the field of environmental protection
– Minimizing the harmful impact on the natural environment through:
– rational consumption of electricity and heat, water, paper
– monitoring and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
– rational waste management
– monitoring of wastewater quality and their rational transmission
– dimproving activities for environmental protection
– Promoting environmental education and promoting environmental protection
– Supporting actions and projects for environmental protection
– Developing cooperation with stakeholders using pro-ecological solutions, respecting all legal regulations and ethics
– Supporting organizations that working for environmental protection and participating in their activities


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