Ethics is a part of culture in our organisation.
It influences effective business operation
based on all and any ethical standards towards
our customers and societies related to the areas of our activity.

Responsible Marketing

Ethics in the company

As part of our strategy of social business responsibility and promotion of ethical culture, we have implemented a series of rules to be observed by the employees, subcontractors and business partners connected with our organisation. Each document covering ethical issues in the Company is published in at least two language versions: in Polish and in English.

Ethical principles in marketing and advertisement

We acknowledge culture-creating and moral nature of marketing actions, identifying the need to eliminate negative phenomena and stimulate positive ones. We understand the need to unify specific standards as part of cooperation with our stakeholders in the whole world. We will respect and shall procure that the rules and values specified in the Code of Conduct and Marketing Communication Policy in PCC EXOL SA are respected and observed in our whole chain of values.

Planning our strategies we take into account the requirements of our market surroundings. On account of direct contact with customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders, we plan the part of the Company’s strategy related to marketing actions in a particularly responsible manner.

Employees involved in marketing actions are obliged to:


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