Manufacturing and processing of chemical substances is the core business of our Company, and one of the most important, strategic business areas include purchases of raw materials made as part of the current purchasing strategy.

Sustainable Sources of Raw Materials


The supply of raw materials necessary for production is not only a matter of ensuring the continuity of the supply chain, but also a key element of the Company’s integrated purchasing strategy. Most of our products require specialized, often hard to access raw materials, and the profitability of our production is strongly dependent on the cost of obtaining raw materials and the logistics associated with them.

Sustainable Sources of Raw Materials

The surfactants market is an important economic sector in Poland and worldwide, due to the extremely wide application of these compounds in many industries. They improve the quality of life as well as making it possible to increase the efficiency of production from sustainable raw materials.

This market is one of the most promising and technologically advanced areas of the chemical industry. It remains the domain of companies operating in the most economically developed regions of the world, such as Western Europe, Asia and North America.

PCC EXOL is one of the certified members of the RSPO organisation and actively supports the sustainable management of palm oil and its derivatives.


We consistently implement the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

The RSPO’s strategy is to transform the market in such a way that the use of environmentally friendly palm oil becomes the norm throughout the supply chain, from plantations, through compressors, refineries and producers. This is why it is important to ensure that the chemicals and finished products reach the consumer. In connection with this idea, as a manufacturer of chemicals, we use palm oil from certified crops in our production.


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