Ethics is a part of culture in our organisation.
It influences effective business operation
based on all and any ethical standards towards
our customers and societies related to the areas of our activity.

Ethics in business

Ethics in the company

As part of our strategy of social business responsibility and promotion of ethical culture, we have implemented a series of rules to be observed by the employees, subcontractors and business partners connected with our organisation. Each document covering ethical issues in the Company is published in at least two language versions: in Polish and in English.

Ethics in contemporary world is a signpost both for the conduct of entrepreneurs and employees. Unfortunately, the road to financial success taking ethical aspects into account is not always easy

It requires the full involvement of all employees in promoting honesty, transparency and ethical conduct in every sphere of the company’s activity. In PCC EXOL SA ethical values have accompanied us since 2011. The set of values and principles of ethical conduct was collected and formalized in the form of the Book of Ethical Conduct in 2016. Through its content, we make it clear to our employees and stakeholders that we have the right standards of conduct in the field

In this document, we set out our rights and responsibilities. Thanks to this level of ethical culture of our organization. We are strongly committed to adhering to the highest standards resulting from the provisions of our Code of Ethics, as well as to respecting the applicable laws and regulations. We transfer our ethical values to all stakeholders by promoting the mutual application of written values. Ethical performance in PCC EXOL SA is also manifested in the observance of the adopted internal rules, full scope of the binding legal order and recognized corporate culture.

Marta Śnieżek

Marketing and CSR Specialist

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Child labour

We respect the right of each child to be protected against economic exploitation and work that is hazardous, limits the possibility of getting education or is a threat to someone’s health and physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development. We do not accept employing the minor and we respect all limitations concerning employment of people under 18 years of age. In PCC EXOL S.A. employment of the minor over 16 years of age is unacceptable. According to the law, the minor refers to a person is 16 but under 18 years of age. Regulations concerning employment of the minor are first of all of protective nature. Their purpose is to protect against economical exploitation and work that is detrimental to health, physical, mental development or limit possibilities of education. Unlike kids, the minor can enter into an employment contract without consent of their parents or legal guardians and without necessity of obtaining permit from the labour inspectorate.

Constitutional norm regulated together with many international conventions and the community law protection of kids against abuse and excessive workload.

Employment at will

Employment at will constitutes one of the most important characteristics of employment relationship. We do not derive any advantages resulting from forced labour, slavery or forced labour of prisoners. All employees of the Company perform their tasks voluntarily and intentionally, following their qualifications, capacities and privileges. The Company’s employees have the right to terminate employment after the expiry of the notice of employment.

All tasks assigned to employees are performed by them knowingly, without any form of coercion. Each person employed by the Company has a Job Description Card containing their scope of duties. Salary is both remuneration obtained by the employee for their work, the main source of income and the basis of their financial safety.

Health and safety at work

Care for safety of people and the environment has been treated by us as one of the fundamental priorities. That’s why we provide our employees with a safe workplace. Taking various actions the aim of which is to prevent accidents, e.g. by eliminating various threats, and we also promote safety, protection of health and environment that surrounds us. In PCC EXOL S.A. we implement OPTIMA Programme that consists in the organisation of friendly and safe workplaces and constant improvement in this scope. As part of this initiative our employees submit and accomplish their own ideas for improvement and increase of the level of safety at work and process safety.

All employees of the Companies bound by outsourcing agreements in the scope of protection of property are subject to the rules resulting from the Code of Conduct applicable in PCC EXOL.

Indigenous people rights

We respect the rights of indigenous people in accordance with the definitions specified in applicable laws. As part of promotion of the idea of sustainable production of palm oil, initiated by RSPO Organisation, we act as per established mechanisms of getting and processing palm oil in the whole chain of supplies. Being a member of the organisation, we respect human rights, religions and cultures, rights of local societies, ownership rights to land and actions in favour of minor agricultural manufacturers by joining them to the sustainable chain of supplies.

In 2018 we registered no cases of violation of rights of indigenous people.


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