Manufacturing and processing of chemical substances is the core business of our Company, and one of the most important, strategic business areas include purchases of raw materials made as part of the current purchasing strategy.

Our Relationships


The supply of raw materials necessary for production is not only a matter of ensuring the continuity of the supply chain, but also a key element of the Company’s integrated purchasing strategy. Most of our products require specialized, often hard to access raw materials, and the profitability of our production is strongly dependent on the cost of obtaining raw materials and the logistics associated with them.

Purchasing raw materials is one of the most important strategic areas in the production of chemical products, and the very process of supplying the company with raw materials involves making many difficult decisions…

They have an impact on both the production costs of products, their final quality and their impact on the social and natural environment. In our organization, we pay special attention to ensuring that the raw materials we use come from reliable and sustainable sources, and that our suppliers comply with local and international legal regulations and guidelines collected in the PCC EXOL SA’s Supplier Code of Ethics. From the moment the raw material is obtained, through its transport to our installations, use in the production process, loading, distribution and sales, we apply procedures and carry out processes that guarantee the highest quality of the product and safety for people and the environment.
Today it is a fact that for us, as an internationally active manufacturer, a sustainable supply chain is an essential and integral part of the business. We constantly improve our standards of conduct with suppliers and promote them among our customers.

Katarzyna Drohomirecka

Purchasing Specialist

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Our Relationships

Communication with our suppliers is mainly based on mutual relations with employees of the Procurement Department and the Planning and Logistics Department. Their fundamental role is cooperation with contractors, as well as searching for new alternative sources of supply of raw materials and logistic services. We maintain continuous contact with suppliers using standard channels of communication in the form of e-mail, telephone calls or direct meetings of our employees with representatives of suppliers. Our cooperation is based on a reliable and transparent dialogue, which allows us to maintain long-term relations and raise the standards of offered products.

Procurement Platform

We improve communication with suppliers by providing effective communication tools that support the process of information exchange. For this purpose, a dedicated purchasing platform has been launched, addressed to all contractors interested in establishing cooperation with our Company. Its scope includes information on the framework for cooperation, supplier requirements, as well as the raw materials and services that are in demand.


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