Our involvement
and passion about creation
cause that surfactants are omnipresent.
They set modern lifestyle trends
and improve the quality of life.

Chain of values

Vision and strategy

We create the world of surfactants, we create innovations and we act responsibly. Thanks to our involvement and passion for creation we cause that surfactants are omnipresent. They set modern lifestyle trends and create the future. This is the part of the world of chemistry that surrounds us all the time.

Chain of values

The key to our success consists in innovations and investments. Thanks to them we not only create trends of modern chemistry but also have a direct influence on the development of many other sectors of industry.

For several years now, we have been observing dynamic changes in the chemical industry, mainly due to a significant increase in investment outlays for innovations, including above all research and development activities and the expansion of production infrastructure. In Poland, investment in innovation is at a very decent level compared to the European Union average. This fact allows us to believe that companies such as PCC EXOL SA will become more and more competitive not only on a national level but also on a global scale. The most important point here is, for example, the specialization of products. Unlike other players in the surfactant market, we are able to produce small batches of raw materials and chemical additives for very specific industrial uses. Often we design specialist substances and chemical formulations, which are unique solutions for our customers. These products are developed in close cooperation with our research and development departments. However, this requires resources and modern technical facilities. That is why we are constantly investing, developing and transforming our organization. However, innovations are not only innovative products, but also investments, technologies, processes and strategies, or IT tools. As a member of the PCC Group, we deal with them every day.

Waldemar Preussner

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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Creation of sustainable chemistry constitutes a key strategic objective of our Company we have been consistently following on the basis of a series of values defining our identity and determining direction of our actions. Being a Company of a global range, we also promote the idea to respect fundamental values and make it an overriding goal of our all stakeholders. Only cooperation in taking initiatives based on mutual trust and respect enables to implement principles resulting from the definition of sustainable development and social business responsibility in an effective and efficient manner.

Development through innovations

  • We implement modern technologies
  • We search for new applications of our products
  • We prepare new solutions for our

Passion for creation

  • We work with passion
  • Satisfaction of our clients increases our creativity
  • We are open to new ideas and brave projects

Honesty and transparency

  • we act honestly and transparently
  • we comply with all applicable laws
  • we respect the diversity of all our customers

Social responsibility

  • we promote diversity in the organization
  • we care for the environment and its resources
  • we support the local community


  • we take care of safety in the workplace
  • we identify risks and counteract potential threats
  • we apply good practices in the quality and safety of our products

Constant improvement

  • we supplement and share our knowledge with our co-workers
  • we learn about the latest trends and participate in their creation
  • cwe willingly use the knowledge and experience of our stakeholders

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