Our success depends mainly on our employees. We are aware of the fact that with their full cooperation and commitment we will achieve our business goals.

Working conditions


As part of the adopted idea of corporate social responsibility and the promotion of an ethical culture, we have implemented a number of regulations applicable to all employees, subcontractors and business partners associated with our organization. Each document covering ethical issues in the Company is issued in at least two language versions: Polish and English.

Employee Benefits

In addition to economic objectives, our business strategy also takes into account aspects of social responsibility, sustainable development and respect for the environment. We achieve our goals with the full cooperation and commitment of all our employees. We ensure high standards of employment by applying the guidelines resulting from the Labour Code and from the use of standards that go beyond the employer’s statutory obligations. Through the values contained in the Book of Ethics, we strive to maintain a high level of ethical and business culture in our Company.

We provide all our employees with a wide range of additional benefits, which are not only the result of existing guidelines of national and European legislation.

We take care to maintain good relations with groups of our former employees, which include those who are not working because of their age (pensioners) and those who are not working because of their health condition (pensioners). We co-organize occasional meetings and provide social care in accordance with the Regulations of the Company Social Benefits Fund.

We guarantee social benefits, including holiday subsidies or cultural and educational activities, in accordance with the benefits provided for in the Regulations of the Company Social Benefits Fund. We promote benefits that include breaks from work to breastfeed or days off as a result of childcare. We offer our employees group life insurance, preventive vaccination against flu and free preventive examinations.

We are committed to fair treatment of all employees regardless of gender, age, position, seniority, trade union membership, religion, nationality, worldview, appearance or sexual orientation.

Total number of eligible workers benefiting from and returning from maternity/paternity leave by sex


The rate of return to work by employees who took maternity/paternity leave was 100%

The remuneration policy in our Company is implemented taking into account current remuneration benchmarks. The individual level of remuneration takes into account the qualifications, professional experience and the level of individual assessment achieved by each employee. Regardless of the basic salary, we guarantee an extensive system of bonuses, social benefits, including, for example, co-financing for summer holidays or co-financing of the MultiSport programme.

The percentage share of women’s to men’s pay broken down by employee categories

Employee Assessment

We subject our employees to regular assessments of the quality of their work in relation to the current system of competence assessment in the PCC Group. The evaluation system applied covers the effectiveness of activities, elements of team cooperation, as well as development potential. Staff occupying the post of Director are excluded from the evaluation.

The following figures show the proportion of employees subject to regular quality of work and career development reviews, broken down by gender and categories of employees.

Percentage of employees subject to regular gender-disaggregated assessments


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