Our success depends mainly on our employees. We are aware of the fact that with their full cooperation and commitment we will achieve our business goals.

Training and Education


As part of the adopted idea of corporate social responsibility and the promotion of an ethical culture, we have implemented a number of regulations applicable to all employees, subcontractors and business partners associated with our organization. Each document covering ethical issues in the Company is issued in at least two language versions: Polish and English.

Training and Education

Depending on the needs of our employees, we organize informational and training meetings, enabling the transfer of the necessary knowledge about the products offered by the Company to, among others, persons taking up employment.

Participation in a wide range of training allows to calculate the average number of training hours per employee.

Average number of training courses for workres under the labour category for 2018

Continuous improvement of development methods, motivating to effective use and sharing of knowledge is of great importance for the development of our employees’ competences.

We enable our employees to participate in a wide range of training courses, courses, conferences or seminars, and we subsidize language courses or university studies.

Skills development 


In the case of a group of new employees, we conduct mentoring in which each newly hired person is supported by a different, experienced team member. The role of the mentor is to ensure proper implementation of the new employee in the principles of the Company and substantive support, allowing for faster adaptation of the employee to the structure in the workplace.

Internal Training

We conduct internal training within the framework of a fixed, annual internal training plan. Their implementation is carried out mainly by employees of the Marketing and Sustainable Development Department. These trainings cover, among others, principles of ethical conduct, human rights, principles of diversity, anti-corruption policy or product training.

We consider training to be an important factor in the development of employees’ competencies, which has a positive impact on mutual relations, thus reducing the risk of harmful conflicts in the workplace.

Internal trainings allow us to share our knowledge, competences and promote the Company’s values adopted in the overall business strategy among our employees.

External Training

As a result of cooperation with CWB Partner Sp. z o.o., we enable our employees to undergo external training within the framework of the training programme for each group of employees specified for a given calendar year.

Continuous willingness to broaden competences and the nature of the work performed, encourage our employees to apply to the Management Board for permission to participate in external training. This type of training allows for practical use of the acquired knowledge automatically after the end of the training. Among the diverse, available training techniques, the most preferred include:

  • dedicated training on specialised competence acquisition in a given field
  • conferences, broadening the knowledge in the selected subject matter and allowing to establish contacts with various experts
  • seminars to bring together different groups of employees and conduct methodological discussions
  • e-learning, allowing to minimize costs and high flexibility in terms of content of training courses or individual learning time.

Support In Improving Professional Qualifications

With a view to supporting employees in improving their professional qualifications, understood as acquiring or supplementing knowledge and skills, we have introduced specific rules in this area. These include the fulfilment of specific guidelines governing cooperation in co-financing by both the employee and the employer. The system of co-financing is based on mutual benefits, which include improvement of professional qualifications by the employee and, in relation to the employer, maintenance of a stable employment structure.

We trained all employees of the Company in the scope covering the adopted principles of human rights 

Within the framework of the programme, students conduct research, referring to the jointly agreed topic of the master’s thesis.

The programme lasts 10 months, and in addition to substantive support, students receive remuneration and an interpersonal training package.

Lifelong Learning Programmes

You and PCC internship and scholarship programs = Relationship with the future

PCC EXOL continues its cooperation with universities within the framework of the „Ty i PCC = success” scholarship programme, internship programmes and summer internships. The cooperation agreement has been signed with the company for several years now: Faculty of Chemistry of Wroclaw University of Technology, Warsaw and Silesia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Wroclaw University of Technology and University of Economics.

Scholarship holders who started cooperation with the Company in September 2017, carry out master’s theses in research and development departments and receive financial scholarships from the Company. The purpose of the internships and financial scholarships at PCC EXOL is to promote good academic performance and develop talents in fields that are important from the Company’s point of view.

The “Get To Know Exol” Programme

As part of the action „Get to know our company and the specificity of a chemist’s work”, in 2017 the PCC EXOL area was visited by about 100 students from primary schools, junior high schools and universities, including Wroclaw University of Technology, Warsaw University, Wroclaw University and Land Forces Officer School, located in the nearby counties. Pupils and students had the opportunity to learn about chemical installations in the company’s production departments.

Student Internship Programme

Every year PCC EXOL organizes a summer internship program for university students. In 2017 we invited 9 students to cooperate with us.

Vocational Training Programme

The vocational education programme is a three-year targeted teaching programme in which, as a PCC Group, we encourage students of Basic Vocational Schools in Brzeg Dolny and Wołów to choose a targeted profession. The aim of this programme is to improve access to the local labour market. A large percentage of students remain in the PCC Group after completing their apprenticeship, gaining further professional experience.

Sponsorship Classes

Within the framework of the project “Chemical-biological educational partnership” the aim of which is, among other things, to increase attractiveness and increase the level of skills in natural and exact subjects, the PCC EXOL Company continues cooperation with the Commission of National Education High School in the Complex of Vocational Schools in Brzeg Dolny, where students were recruited to the sponsorship class with a mathematical and natural sciences profile yet another year. In 2017, PCC Exol also signed an agreement with Secondary Technical School no. 1 in Wołów concerning the creation of a sponsorship class in the profession of Mechatronics Technician. Students of the sponsorship classes take advantage of trips and content-related workshops on the company premises.

Cooperation With University Student Circles

At the Faculty of Chemistry of Wrocław University of Technology, PCC EXOL is actively represented by the company’s ambassador who promotes numerous events taking place in the Company and is a link between the company, students and faculty representatives at the University.

PCC EXOL actively cooperates with the student organization BEST with which every year it conducts content-related workshops for students as part of the “Case Week” event.

Open Day

For three years now, the companies of the PCC Group have been organising Open Days for students, during which the employees of these companies conduct lectures and excursions to production departments, laboratories and research and development departments. In 2017 more than 60 students took part in the event.


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