Business should be run with care for natural environment. That’s why we implement
a series of actions for the same of care for
sources of resources used in the production process.


Impact on the environment

One of the missions of our Company is to run business in a sustainable way. We take care for all production stages of our products. We identify and monitor our actions that may have an impact on the environment. Following the path of sustainable development, we set long-term goals, implement programmes with the use of dedicated tools. Being a signatory of organisations supporting sustainable development in Poland and in the world, we actively promote their activity and make use of good practice and specialist knowledge.


We have introduced a number of internal regulations and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable standards in the area of environmental protection. In 2017, no violations of the applicable legal norms were found. No administrative proceedings are pending against the Company in the field of environmental protection and no penalties have been imposed in this field.

We use the environment in a sustainable manner and pay applicable fees in accordance with all legal requirements. We plan to carry out investment projects in the existing departments, taking into account environmental aspects. In 2017, our contribution to investment projects indirectly related to environmental protection amounted to PLN 6.9 million. These expenditures include investments related to the reconstruction and modernization of buildings and technological installations, as well as environmental fees and costs resulting from waste disposal.

Conducting activities in the production of surfactants, we pay special attention to the rational use of fuels and other energy media, considering the principle of energy supply security of our technological lines to be superior. In order to optimize our energy performance related to the use of fuels and other energy media we perform the following:

As a result of our activities, we assume reduction of the consumption of natural resources, reduction of C02 emissions and of other pollutants introduced into the environment from fuel combustion, as well as optimization of the Company’s operating costs.

In 2017, Energy Management System ISO 50001 was implemented and certified in PCC EXOL SA. Thanks to this we are able to carry out the following activities:

Direct energy consumption

Direct consumption of heat energy


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