Business should be run with care for natural environment. That’s why we implement
a series of actions for the same of care for
sources of resources used in the production process.


Impact on the environment

One of the missions of our Company is to run business in a sustainable way. We take care for all production stages of our products. We identify and monitor our actions that may have an impact on the environment. Following the path of sustainable development, we set long-term goals, implement programmes with the use of dedicated tools. Being a signatory of organisations supporting sustainable development in Poland and in the world, we actively promote their activity and make use of good practice and specialist knowledge.


Water is an extremely important resource in our activity on account of being used in the production process of surfactants. Water is also used for cooling purposes and to supply employees. Water for industrial purposes is taken from river intake whereas potable and household use is supplied by water from abyssal well. In 2017, we used in total approximately 555 240 m3 of water for the purpose of the Company’s activity.

We are still trying to use water in a more rational way bearing in mind progressive limitation of water resources in the world and due to the fact that the use of such resources and industrial waste treatment are connected with extensive use of energy, and thus additional emissions of CO2 to the air.

Total water demand as per source

Total water consumption year on year [m3]

Cooling water is reprocessed and used again in the Company’s production processes. Circulation takes place in a closed setup. The annual yearly demand of cooling water amounted to 510 363 m3, i.e. 90% of total water taken.

Percent and total volume of processed and reused water


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