Our success depends mainly on our employees. We are aware of the fact that with their full cooperation and commitment we will achieve our business goals.

Health and Safety at Work


As part of the adopted idea of corporate social responsibility and the promotion of an ethical culture, we have implemented a number of regulations applicable to all employees, subcontractors and business partners associated with our organization. Each document covering ethical issues in the Company is issued in at least two language versions: Polish and English.

Health and Safety at Work

We have focused our activities on ensuring the safety of employees and process safety at the production departments. Thus, occupational health and safety management is a priority for us, which we implement through the implemented policy in this area, identification and risk assessment or participation in activities carried out in the PCC Group, aimed at conducting business in a way that protects employees, facilities and equipment.


We are constantly striving to limit the negative impact of our business, as we belong to a group of companies with a high risk of a serious industrial accident. In our activities, we take into account the focus on risks that may affect employees, the local community and the environment. We maintain disaster prevention programs and handle all reporting issues. We use modern technological solutions applied in our departments, and our production processes take place in strictly controlled conditions, in a responsible and safe way. We provide all employees with mandatory and regular training in occupational health and safety as well as individual and collective measures to protect employees.

We provide safe and hygienic working conditions that meet the standards of the chemical industry.

Concern for the safety of people and the environment is one of the priorities in our business strategy. We aim to reduce all types of hazards occurring in the work environment by taking actions aimed among others at preventing accidents.

In the absence of adequate personal protective equipment, employees have the right to refuse to carry out the order given by the Superiorcomply.

Our Commitment

We continue to do everything we can to achieve one of our main goals, which is to prevent accidents at work.

Our Health and Safety Initiatives

OHSAS 18001

In July 2016 we obtained a certificate of compliance with OHSAS 18001. The implementation of requirements provides us with effective monitoring of the work environment and allows us to better manage the risks identified in the workplace and its surroundings. In addition, it confirms our commitment to maintaining and continuously improving health and safety at work. It also raises the standards of work of all employees of the Company and the employees of external companies working in our are

Health and Safety at Work Policy

The established Occupational Health and Safety Policy is a key component of all activities aimed at improving and ensuring safe working conditions. It contains a number of declarations in order to improve the effects of our activities in the areas:

The Policy has been approved by the President of the Company, and each new employee is obliged to familiarise themselves with its guidelines.

Chemical Rescue Groups

In the structures of the PCC Group there are Chemical Rescue Groups, consisting of employees of individual production departments, who are the first to react to threats to health and life

PCC Group Company Rescue Service

Process safety is supported by trained and experienced teams of the Company’s Rescue Service within the framework of outsourcing agreements. The team functioning in the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny consists of 32 people and its task is to coordinate and conduct all rescue operations. As part of preventive measures, evacuation exercises are held periodically, both for employees of production departments and administrative employees.

Protection of Property

As part of outsourcing agreements, the property is protected by trained and qualified teams of employees of a security company which carries out security activities for the companies of the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny and in Płock.

Optima Program

Optima is a programme implemented in the companies of the PCC Group. Its aim is to ensure the right level of safety, order and governance in the workplace, eliminate waste and waste, as well as to improve quality, optimise solutions and increase employee satisfaction. Our aim in the implementation of the program guidelines is to optimize processes related to particular areas of the Company’s operations, reduce failure rates, maximize safety, efficient and transparent communication and continuous improvement.

Our Commitment

We will successively implement the next steps of the OPTIMA program


move 1



move 2

Mark and group


move 3

Put in order


move 4

Show how to


move 5


„My idea for…” is an initiative of the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny. is an initiative of the employees of the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny, the aim of which is to create a well-organized, orderly and safe workplace while maintaining the highest possible operational efficiency.

The principles of the programme are based on the 5S philosophy and cover all its stages. For the needs of the programme implementation, standards concerning designations, descriptions, and storage have been developed and implemented.

In 2017, employees submitted 48 ideas, of which 26 were implemented.

The idea behind the programme is to involve employees in actively shaping the working environment and safety culture. The OPTIMA programme gives employees the initiative to propose creative ideas to improve the Company’s operations. Since May 2015, employees of all companies within the PCC Group in Brzeg Dolny have submitted about 2150 ideas in the following categories: improvement of safety and ergonomics, environmental protection, quality, work efficiency, or energy efficiency or waste elimination.

Company social labour inspector

Due to the fact that our employment does not exceed 260 people, we are not obliged to set up a committee on occupational safety and health. However, as part of the proper dialogue between the Company’s employees, a Company Social Labour Inspector was appointed, who performs social service in order to supervise the Company’s provision of safe and hygienic working conditions and protection of employee rights set forth in the labour law.

Health and safety indicators

We take into account the broadly understood work environment, identifying and monitoring the Company’s operations in the area of health and safety at work. We include an assessment of accident rates, accident absenteeism, and indicators covering the frequency, severity and TRR of accidents.

Injury, occupational disease, absenteeism and work-related fatalities rates

The year 2018 The year  2017
Generally 4 2
Including causing:
death of an employee 0 0
severe physical injury 0 0
Sick leave:
29 gr more days of sick leave 1 1
from 4 to 28 days of sick leave 3 1
from 1 to 3 days of sick leave 0 0
Group accidents 0 0
Accidents that do not cause incapacty for work 0 0
Number of  days of incapacity for work 359 142
Number of days of incapacity for work caused by accidents
occurring in 2016″, which passed to 2017
0 0
Injuries not considered to be accidents at work 0 0

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