Our involvement
and passion about creation
cause that surfactants are omnipresent.
They set modern lifestyle trends
and improve the quality of life.

Long-term golas

Vision and strategy

We create the world of surfactants, we create innovations and we act responsibly. Thanks to our involvement and passion for creation we cause that surfactants are omnipresent. They set modern lifestyle trends and create the future. This is the part of the world of chemistry that surrounds us all the time.

Long-term golas

Planning long-term goals in our Company is closely connected with guidelines resulting from the adopted Sustainable Development Policy and Social Business Responsibility. Development of our activity and guidelines of the defined idea of sustainable development interpenetrate, building a new approach to the management of our organization.

Maintaining the Position of the leader

We carry out actions that help us maintain the position of the leader in the markets of Eastern and Central Eastern Europe. We conduct development activities by expanding the market to Near East, Asia and Africa.
2017: Despite competitive market of surfactants we maintain the position of the key producer in the market of Central and Eastern Europe.

Expansion into new markets

While analysing new perspectives, PCC EXOL SA is guided by such criteria as product, application, and geographic diversification
2017 rok: In addition to new products, we found other application applications for a dozen items from the regular offer and we began selling them on new international markets. Our goal in expanding to new markets is to attract new clients in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Intense Development

We are developing with specialists in Surfing and applications on the market.
2017: the share of specialized products in revenues from sales of enterprises was maintained at the level of 2016 and amounted to 55% in relation to mass products. Our main goal is to further develop the product portfolio towards the sale of specialist products. 

Increasing margins

Successive increase of margins in the portfolio of specialist and mass products.
2017: The Group generated the highest gross margin in history on sales, which, reaching the value of PLN 86.7 million, increased by PLN 4.7 million compared to 2016. In subsequent billing periods, we will consistently strive to gradually increase the sales margin. 

Investments in new ones production abilities

Successive increase of production capacity enabling development of the current product portfolio of the Company.
2017: PCC EXOL Group, thanks to the investments being made, consistently increases the production capacity of its installations. Currently, the most important investment is on Ethoxylate I, which will result in an increase in production capacity by 15 thousand. tons per year.

Base development research and development

We increase the development potential of the Company in terms of the possibilities and pace of development and implementation of new products.
2017: We have implemented 28 products for various industries. Our goal in the field of R & D development is the launch of new research laboratories and further development of the product offer with further high-margin specialist products for industrial applications. 

Responsible manufacture of products

We operate in accordance with legal, ethical, environmental and social standards.
2017: We have maintained standards that improve the quality of products, including: GMP EFfCI, RSPO, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and others. We are currently developing an offer for the pharmaceutical industry, where stringent standards allowing chemical substances to market are required. The implementation of these standards is our priority for the coming year. 

Increasing the level customer satisfaction

We are constantly working on increasing the level of customer satisfaction.
2017: We have positively passed client audits confirming compliance with standards in the area of quality, environment, security and ethics. Our future activities will focus on meeting customer requirements in order to increase their satisfaction. Thanks to research and interviews, we get to know our weaknesses to make further improvement actions based on them.  

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Global goals of sustainable development

In 2015 United Nations Members adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The document defines new goals in 17 areas connected with sustainable production and consumption. Being a member of UN Global Compact, we undertook to adjust on a regular basis our business practices to the provisions of UN Agenda.

Our goals for 2019

Maintaining the position of a Reading surfactant manufacturer In the Central and Eastern European market

Increase in the production of specialized surfactants in the product portfolio at a higher level compared to the previous year

Maintaining current standards and implementing new ones in order to improve the quality of our products

Working out a significant increase in margin in relation to the previous year

Implementation of new products and formulations for various industries of customer audis

Increase in production capacity

Maintaining high standards of environmental protection, safety and ethics, ensuring positive


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