Manufacturing and processing of chemical substances is the core business of our Company, and one of the most important, strategic business areas include purchases of raw materials made as part of the current purchasing strategy.

A Code of Conduct for Suppliers


The supply of raw materials necessary for production is not only a matter of ensuring the continuity of the supply chain, but also a key element of the Company’s integrated purchasing strategy. Most of our products require specialized, often hard to access raw materials, and the profitability of our production is strongly dependent on the cost of obtaining raw materials and the logistics associated with them.

A Code of Conduct for Suppliers


The activities of our Company are subject to the legal regulations resulting from the relevant European Union directives, national legal regulations, international, supranational, national and regional regulations. All these regulations constitute the framework for conducting business activity of the Company. They define its behaviour in different markets and influence the conditions of its cooperation with stakeholders, including suppliers of raw materials, materials or services.

We make every effort to conduct our business with respect for individual rights and environmental regulations. In 2014, we joined the UN Global Compact, a global organisation dedicated to sustainable development. The principles of the UN Global Compact, as a globally recognized and universal set of standards, form the basis of relations with the organization’s business partners.

The Code of Ethical Conduct is therefore the foundation on which relationships based on trust, honesty, respect for human rights, observance of the law and conducting business in accordance with the idea of sustainable development are built.

The Supplier Code of Conduct of PCC EXOL SA aims to promote and implement ethical values in the Company’s supply chain. It helps to implement the assumptions of international standards and guidelines, which include:

RSPO – Roundtable
on Sustainable
Palm Oil


of Human Rights

2030 Agenda
for Sustainable
of the UN

International Labour
Organisation (ILO)

Diversity Charter

PCC EXOL SA requires its Suppliers to conduct their business in an ethical, honest and transparent manner. The Company’s requirements in the area of business ethics are:

Compliance with the provisions

Compliance with the provisions of the PCC EXOL SA Supplier

Honesty in business

PCC EXOL Suppliers do not practice or tolerate acts of corrupction, extortion or fraud. The Supplier’s cooperation with PCC EXOL SA must take place in accordance with the binding provisions of law.

Fair competition

Fair competition PCC EXOL Suppliers conduct their business in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all aplicable antimonopoly regulations.

Confidentiality, discretion,

Suppliers of PCC EXOL SA:

Secure confidential information and use it only in an appropriate manner

Protect the privacy and intellectual property of both employees and contractors

Ensure the protection of the personal data of employees and all their stakeholders

Reporting of incident complaints

PCC EXOL SA suppliers allow their employees to report, openly or anonymously, any concerns or potentially illegal acts in the workplace. Any such notification must be treated as confidential. Suppliers will consider such notifications and take corrective action if necessary.

Our Commitment

Through a multi-stage audit process, based on a uniform, international audit guidelines, we will improve the system of auditing our suppliers


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