Our Company is a combination of modern technologies, experience and efficiency in the area of design, production and sales of surfactants.

Governing bodies

About us

The Company’s portfolio comprises chemical products of both mass and specialist nature. Within these two groups we offer anion, cation, non-ion, amphoteric surfactants and chemical formulations for numerous industrial applications. As a producer oriented towards individual needs of customers looking for high-quality specialized chemical products, we constantly extend our offer by new products.

Governing bodies

Supervisory Board

The Company’s Supervisory Board consist of five to seven members appointed for three-year term of office. Mandates of the members of the Supervisory Board expire as on the date of the General Meeting approving the financial statement for the last full trading year of common term of office. A mandate of a member of the Supervisory Board appointed before the lapse of common term of office expires with the expiry of mandates of the other members of the Board. The Supervisory Board is a collegiate body and exercises regular supervision over the Company’s activity in all areas of operation. The Board comprises three-person Audit Committee.


The Management Board

According to the Company’s Statute, the Management Board consists of one to three persons, including the President of the Management Board. The Management Board is appointed by the Supervisory Board for three-year term of office. The number of members of the Management Board is determined by the Supervisory Board. A new member of the Management Board continues the term of office of a previous member. Members of the Management Board can be recalled before the expiry of the term of office by the Supervisory Board and by the General Meeting. The Board’s competence include all matters connected with managing the Company, not stipulated by the law or by the Company’s Statute.


Organisational structure



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