Degree of commitment in the support organisation and support for various community and volunteering initiatives would not have been possible without a wide range of support from our employees.

Social activities

Local Community

We conduct our business taking into account the public interest, economic and environmental aspects. An important element in the development of our business strategy in this area is building the image of a socially responsible company. The implementation of our activities is based on the organization of pro-environmental actions and promotion of pro-environmental behaviors, as well as building a safe and friendly workplace.

Social activities

PCC EXOL SA conducts its activity both on the business level, as well as social and charity. The experience, resources and commitment of our employees allow us to support and organise various initiatives for business development, charity and volunteering.

As part of corporate social responsibility, PCC EXOL supports local communities by engaging in a number of community actions, including those promoting safety.

“Get know PCC Exol” program

As part of the action „Get to know our company and the specificity of a chemist’s work”, in 2017 the PCC EXOL area was visited by about 100 students from primary schools, junior high schools and universities, including Wroclaw University of Technology, Warsaw University, Wroclaw University and Land Forces Officer School, located in the nearby counties. Pupils and students had the opportunity to learn about chemical installations in the company’s production departments.

Dual education

As part of the continuation of the dual education of juvenile workers, in cooperation with the Complex of Vocational Schools in Brzeg Dolny and Wołów, in 2017 the PCC EXOL company admitted to the first grade students for practical training as a chemical industry equipment operator. The best young employees of the Company benefit from the bonus system.

Prevention, but in a different way

We support local communities by engaging in various forms of support for initiatives organized by local individuals and organizations.

Cyclically, we get involved in the action organized with the youngest children in mind, promoting safety, called „Prevention, but in a different way”, by co-financing prizes in the form of bicycles for primary school pupils.


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