Gaining new markets and discovering
the unknown business areas,
we promote sustainable chemistry
oriented towards rational use
of resources and care for the environment.

Management in the company

Our business

We are still trying to increase the value of our Company effectively using potential, innovations and resources. We hold a strong position of a top producer of surfactants in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. We gain new markets and discover unknown business areas. We promote sustainable chemistry oriented towards rational use of resources and care for the environment.

Support for corporate management

The management of processes in PCC EXOL SA is supported by implemented systems that based on defined guidelines and procedures determine the mode of action and enable optimization of processes in individual areas of the Company’s activity such as production, sales, planning, logistics, purchase of resources and quality assurance.

The most important management systems implemented in PCC EXOL SA:

State-owned institutions and controlling entities

The specificity of chemical business in which PCC EXOL SA operates involves a reliable and transparent dialogue with the state administration. Reporting, controls and inspections support actions related to the monitoring of the quality of rendered services, the level of safety and the effects of influence on the environment. The majority of issues formulated during control activities concerns safety and health of employees, ensuring quality, safety of products, environmental protection, respect for employees’ rights and the process safety. Explanations are provided both in an oral for during direct visits of inspection units and in a writing, in response to external correspondence sent to the Company.

Risk management

Our activity is connected with a series of risks among which we have identified operational, financial, business, political, legal, environmental and reputational risks, and risks connected with a macroeconomic situation. We monitor risks and their analysis is closely connected with the system of internal controls. A comprehensive attitude towards the analysis of risks enables to take measures in order to minimise the occurrence of unexpected events.

Responsibilities in economic, environmental and social areas are delegated by:

of customer audits completed with a positive result

PCC EXOL is the first company in Poland that has implemented and certified the system of Good Production Practices being in conformity with the guidelines of the European Federation for Cosmetic Components (GMP EFFCL). The certified GMP EFFCL system has a direct influence on business relations with the customers of the Company’s products acting in the area of production and sales of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in Europe and in the world

Good Manufacturing Practices from 2014 onwards

GMP EFFCL certificate, apart from economic aspects, is one of the most important criteria of classifying suppliers of cosmetic and pharmaceutical resources. Keeping standards in the scope of good production practices is not an easy process on account of restrictive requirements of the norm prepared by the European Federation for Cosmetic Components. However, the third audit conducted in PCC EXOL S.A. in 2017 confirmed high standards implemented in the Company’s installations.

First company Poland with the EFICI Certification for Good Manufacturing Practices

Accomplishing a strategic goal, i.e. development of the product portfolio by high quality specialist products, PCC EXOL S.A. is preparing to meet the requirements and certification under GMP+ standard. It comprises the activity of agricultural producers, animal breeders, producers of feed and its components and additions (including also chemical substances such as surfactants) as well as transport and storage. GMP+ certificate specifies the requirements connected with quality and safety of feed during the whole production process.

Precautionary principle

The precautionary principle used in our operational activity enables to react quickly in the face of a possible threat to human life and the threat of environmental pollution. In each case where a full assessment of threat can be made the use of such principle enables to implement actions minimising the results of the existing threats.

More information about the use of the precautionary principle can be found in the section Impact on the environment and Health and safety at work.


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